30 minute yoga video in English

Below you will find a simple 30 min. yoga lesson for beginners with speak in English. The sound should be in stereo with my voice in your left speaker and music in your right. 

I consider myself a beginner and a student of yoga. I owe gratitude and respect to all my teachers: Annette Tzfanya, Orit Sen Gupta, Soham Johansen and Simon Krohn, Ross Rayburn, John Friend, Nancy McCaochan, Desirée Rumbaugh and Maria Kaas Allingham without whose guidance this video would not have been possible.     Tina Fresco

Click on the picture to play the yoga lesson. Enjoy

This is my first ever yogavideo, so please know, that it has been made to share my knowledge of yoga, to help my yogis do yoga on their own and to encourage people of all shapes and ages to practice.

20 minutters dyb afspænding på dansk:

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