Andrea Boni

Foto: Sarah Fresco

Foto: Sarah Fresco

June 8. - 9. 2019

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3 workshops = 750kr.

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Saturday June 8. 2019 at 9 – 11.30 am


 Meditation is an intimate experience, providing a powerful means to learn how to connect with the silent mystery at the heart of life. Meditation teaches us to re-establish intimacy with our own inner body and let it shine through the different layers of our experience in the here and now. No matter how we are feeling or whatever conditions we are facing, meditation is a gradual awakening to the abundant space of grace holding our life together.

 In order to build a solid meditation practice it is important to identify our true intention and amplify it. This class will be devoted to establishing a steady and expanded meditation posture both in our physical body and in our own inner being, allowing our true motivation to spring forth.

 Saturday June 8. 2019 at 1.30 - 4 pm



 Gentleness and Inner focus are two of the main ingredients to help our meditation practice grow with ease. It is like keeping a rope at just the right tension- neither too tight nor too loose. In the same way, learning how to weave resolution and sensitivity teaches us the middle path of self-observation. Expansive awareness and sweet dedication go hand in hand. This class will help you access the inner world with respect while strengthening your capacity to hold a steady focus for an extended period of time.


Sunday June 9. at 9 - 11.30 am


 The ultimate goal of meditation is the full surfacing of what the Indian tradition calls “the effulgent Self” or “the Inner Heart”. The Inner Heart is not only the purpose of our journey of meditation but also who we really are. I personally call it the sense of “eternity” that we all experience in our search for love. It is absolute spaciousness and contentment but also is combined with the awareness that allows us to experience life.

 Relishing in the gentle presence of the Heart teaches us to see the preciousness of our so-called ordinary life and be grateful for its abundant gifts. This class is intended to savour some of the most beautiful meditation practices of the Heart, as instructed in the Yoga and Tantra tradition.

 Props for all classes:    Journal + pen